Friday, October 24, 2014

Just did it!

Yes, you may have guessed it right! That is indeed an obtuse reference to the Nike ad!! At my first job, one of the senior managers had put up the Nike motto Just Do It all over the place. A few years down the line, I was reporting to him, and he was still advising me to do it! And doing it is what has always been a problem for me - I am waiting for the right moment!

But hopefully, no longer...

Here I am, at the close of Deepavali, the festival of lights, which signifies a new beginning, having given up the comfort of a salaried job to jump into the unpredictable world of freelancing!

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Why have I done this? Will I be any different from the white pen above? Will I still be doing what I had been doing, but without strings attached? Or will I be able to do different things? Was the string chaining me down, or providing me support?

Well, that only time will tell. But, what I do know is that and I adapt a quote of another boss of mine:
"Off the merry-go-round; onto the roller coaster!"

I hope you follow me on my travails...


  1. All the best! - Arun Balachandran

  2. You started a blog! All the best (and for your new ventures too).

  3. I wonder who that second boss you refer to is! Good luck bro!

    1. Ha! Ha!! You can afford to wonder; you are in wonderland after all, but you are no Alice! Now, don't ask who the !@#$ is Alice!!!

    2. Well I know for sure who the mad hatter is!

  4. Wishes galore, Anand! Capital decision; white pen's the way to go.

  5. Good Luck ... Enjoy the journey as it continues

  6. Best wishes for your new endeavor Anand.