Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yell, Yum, Yes!!!

Yes, I am a South Indian, and yes, that is how many South Indians would pronounce LMS (Learning Management System), but that is not what this post is about.

Having interacted with a variety of stakeholders who want to get on the LMS bandwagon, I can broadly categorize them into the following three types.

The Yell type, the Yum type and the Yes type!!!

These are the ones who make a lot of noise. For them, the LMS is yet another means to publicize the work that they are getting done. Typical things you will hear from the Yell varieties:
  • I need to make sure that I can justify to the board / top management etc. the investment that has been made in the LMS.
  • How can we ensure that all people are enrolled in the system from day one?
  • What kind of reports can be published to show usage?
  • We need to populate this with as many courses as we know!
The yum varieties are those who are looking for the yumminess in the LMS. For them, this is another thing that must look good, feel good and be marketable. Typical things you will hear from the Yum varieties:
  • We need the best-in-class LMS. Cost is not a consideration.
  • Let's only upload high-end courses. All courses must have plenty of 3D animations, video, multimedia, the works!
  • The interface must be customized to suit our company colors etc.
  • We must have a learning companion / avtar throughout the course.
The yes varieties are the ones that we love. They are the ones concerned about the learners and learning! Typical things you will hear from the Yes varieties:
  • What type of tracking is available?
  • How easy is it for learners to search for courses?
  • What types of assessments are available?
  • Can learners retake the courses as many times as they want?
  • What types of media are supported?
So, while I am sure, as an e-learning professional, you would love to have as many of the Yes varieties as possible, remember that you will come across a mixture of the above. Also, since typically, you will be dealing with multiple people in the same organization, you will find predominant Yells, predominant Yums and predominant Yesses.

The challenge with the Yells and the Yums, is as Stephen Covey would say:
The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing
And in an LMS project, the main thing is to ensure managed learning!!!


  1. Very well written, Anand. Keep posting.

  2. Anand, welcome to blogosphere! This made for an interesting read. The main thing was the main thing indeed :) Look forward to your blog posts. It will be helpful to have an option to 'follow' your blog or subscribe through email or RSS reader. Thanks!

  3. Ah yes Taruna! Will do that! Another thing to learn.

  4. It was an interesting read. Thanks for sharing !

  5. Here's are my types of LMS CLO inspired by your post


  6. As always, an interesting take and wordplay. Enjoyed reading it.

    By any remote chance, do you have the article you wrote on FUN when I was leaving KP? I loved it and would love to share it on my blog.

  7. Nice one Anand. I work for "Yum" but we have "Yes" mindset...